Creating Websites That Actually Attracts Customers

You can set up a website relatively quickly these days using third-party hosting sites like or These sites have special tools that allow you to quickly get different types of sites up and running, including a large number of website design templates.
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You've probably used several of these online sites to help you put up your own Internet sites. You can do the same for others too, without actually having to tell them how you're doing it so quickly.
Designing and building how to make money online is just a small step towards building websites that attract customers. You have to know what types of features on the site help to drive traffic to the website. It can include dynamic content that is SEO-optimized, but it can also include so much more. Once you've attracted enough customers, you have to make the site work to identify those visitors so that the offline business can effectively market to them. Otherwise, they remain anonymous, and a golden opportunity to add them to your contact list disappears when they leave the site.
To attract lots of attention from search engines, you want to include strategies that get you noticed. Putting highly searched keywords that have low competition in the content helps to drive traffic to the site. You can either have the content outsourced, with keywords inserted, and sell that to your business owner or you can give him/her a list of keywords to include in his/her own content to help him/her get better exposure.

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You will want to include features to capture email addresses of visitors who come to the site, like a double opt-in page. You can entice visitors to sign up for a newsletter, an online coupon, or included interactive puzzles, quizzes, and games that require an email to see the results. Once they decide to subscribe to something or to play a game, you can ask them for permission to contact them with other offers too.
With a double opt-in page, as opposed to a single opt-in page, a visitor puts in his/her email information and chooses a password, and that information is then sent to his/her email address to verify. This way, he/she can't be signed up by other people who may know his/her email address, and spam bots aren't going to verify it either. It keeps your list clean and human.
Another valuable feature to include on the website you develop for an off-line client is the ability include online couponing. There are several reasons why this is so
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attractive to an offline business owner. It helps to save on printing costs because you will either have the visitor print the coupon from his/her home printer or he/she will be given a code to use for online sales. Thus, there's no need to print out paper coupons and pass them out. After you have set up couponing on your site, any advertising material can serve as a coupon too. All that the business owner has to do is to include the URL to the online coupon on his/her regular advertisements.